First Friday Art Walk

Join us on Friday, November 2, 2012 for First Friday Art Walk!

See work by the following artists:

Vlad Basarab
New Works
The current work was produced during a 1 1/2 month research period in the summer of 2012 in Jingdezhen China. Jingdezhen is the world-renowned porcelain capital of the Ming Dynasty for its pure white porcelain. I worked in the workshops of traditional Chinese potters interacting with them on a regular basis. Although my work was not inspired by traditional Chinese ceramics, observing the methods of Chinese craftsmen was a rich experience. The present work is the result of an investigative approach to form and decoration using the abundant color combination of the Jingdezhen underglazes and glazes. After designing and producing the vessels (most of them are slip cast) I approached their decoration as if painting a landscape on a canvas considering the entire surface of the object.

Evegeny and Lydia Baranov
Evgeny Baranov and Lydia Velichko Baranov represent a unique combination of artists painting together – simultaneously, on the same canvas. A very small number of collaborative studio work examples can be found throughout the history of art, however, the Baranovs collaborate not only in the comfort of the studio, but in plein air as well. Working in a duet enables the artists to perform faster in the ever-changing plein air conditions and also to evaluate their own accomplishments in a more comprehensive and more critical manner.

Brian West
Brian West makes sculptural wood furniture and is a retired engineer.